Intended use - Electric trolling motor / oar / sail / or pole punt.

A Simple and fast build small boat  for portable fun times on the water. anyone can build a Dragonfly Jon-Boat - a low cost fun build by using cheap everyday materials from your local hardware store.
  This lil boat can carry heavy loads for you and friends and family if fishing and boating is your goal,  the round nose bow of the DRAGONFLY / U.F.O Punt offers a 3 piece less material as easy as it gets 2 hour build. It may take longer for the first time builder's depending on skill level, but I’m confident that almost anyone can build one of these little crafts.

I knocked up the kayak punt version U.F.O up using Polythene glue and stainless screws and nails in about 2 hours (unpainted), - then used a 2 hr sealer primmer latex house paint system to finish.



U.F.O  Punt Dinghy - 6 ft x 3 ft 18 in sides.