Not another bolt together boat I hear you say, the idea has been around since plywood was invented, the concept is not new, and is not exclusive to any one designer.

When I did some research I was amazed to see most boat designers all have their own version of this concept. Just like any concept like - stitch and glue , external chine log , etc everyone has their own pet methods and ideas on this method of building small water craft.

I had experimented many years ago with this concept when designing and building a range of little one sheet boats.

The situation presented itself as a challenge by member's of the One Sheet Wonder Yahoo group and through email from my Ariawood boat building site by members of the group , it makes sense to reapply the ideas I had many years ago and revisited my social media sites and dug up the files and dusted them off.


There are so many good designs and designers who already offer their own spin on this concept. The way my idea differentiates from the other designers take apart boats is because of the simplicity of building with canvas skin exterior chine logs. Flat bottom boats are the easiest to demonstrate this, but multi chine can be built this way also.

  1. Make a wood frame

  2. Canvas over the frame,

  3. Join overlapping canvas - with exterior chine logs - screwed to inside chine logs

  4. 3 BOATS IN 1 is a take apart sectional boat for ease of portability and carry weight

The take apart boat concept is not a new or an exclusive idea, there are many designers and designs available. I imagine there will be many more designs to come complementing their predecessors, here are a few that I've looked at that offer this idea........

- Bateau boat plans

- Glen L marine

- Phil Bolger


-Selway Fisher

-Chesapeake Light Craft

Free designs - Svensons and Popular Mechanics books etc. I have many out of print old books and some still in print books that have take apart portable designs that fold or can be stacked inside each part, or as some describe nest or nesting.

If you look on the net you can find many designers of the take apart water craft the list goes on and on and on.

It seems most great designers have all had a go and put their own spin on this concept.

Here is an article written by a popular magazine called - Small Boat Journal #63 November 1988

http://www.duckworksmagazine.com/03/r/vintage/sbj/005/index.htm That gives the general idea.

My idea is x2 -12mm ply bolted together the height of the boat to make a centre small boat and a bow and a transom boat all bolted together using skin on frame construction instead of the majority of the take apart boats which are made from plywood, so it could be a one sheet design if you look at it that way. You would only need a sheet of 12mm ply, some 10 oz canvas, pine stringers, waterproof glue etc and you could wrap a fabric boat instead of sanding a ply hull.